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409 - Lacy Lilting Lyrics

In episode 409, Tina and Jenny have creative differences over the development of their movie; Alice and her friends console Phyllis's heartbroken husband; Bette and Jodi's relationship might go to the next level if Bette can curb her Type-A personality

Directed By:
Bronwen Hughes
Written By: Cherien Dabis

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408 Deleted Scene - Lick here to download you won't regret it or go here for wmv version

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407 - Lesson Number One (deleted scene)

Kit freaks out in her office as she is tempted to drink!
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408 - Lexington & Concord

In episode 408, Jenny's revenge on her critic backfires in front of her agents; Alice and Tasha disagree over the war in Iraq but find common ground romantically; Tina meets Bette's new girlfriend Jodi; Kit unloads publicly on the cheating Angus.

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Valentine's Day Podcast

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The L Word - Extra Clip (Basketball Game)

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406 - Luck Be a Lady (deleted scenes)

Mulitple phone call scene with Shane, Paige, Bette and Phyllis.
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Jenny and Lindsay get ready to leave for weekend trip.
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At party Shane gets a phone call, Papi flirts with an actress and Alice and Tasha gamble
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At party Helena is gambling and winning.
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407 - Lesson Number One

In episode 407, Jenny's short story about her friends sparks interest from Hollywood; Helena struggles to pay back her poker debt; Alice's new girlfriend Tasha experiences flashbacks to the war in Iraq; Bette and her new girlfriend console Phyllis.

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  • Tasha's flashback to her tour in Iraq exposes her vulnerable side.
  • Jenny uses art as her excuse to write about the personal lives of her friends, much to the chagrin of the girls.
  • Bette and Jodi rush to Phyllis's side as they try to console her on getting over her first lesbian crush, her coming out affair of the heart.
  • Although she is broke, Helena has full intention of honoring her debt to Catherine (Sandrine Holt) from losing at poker.
  • Not realizing Bette didn't tell Kit about Angus' affair with Hazel, Tina finds Kit alone in her office with a full bottle of Vodka.
  • Max finds it more and more difficult to navigate work and home life.
  • Shane and Paige address parents at Shay's school about the virtues of tolerance and acceptance after Shay punches out a kid for saying he's gay because Shane is a lesbian.
  • Max advises Alice to start a blog and make millions in the process.
  • Alice drops in unexpectedly at Tasha's training base where Tasha takes her up in a Black Hawk helicopter and finds kissing at 4,000 feet is the ultimate high.
  • After being told that her job is on the line if she doesn't secure the movie rights to Jenny's "Lez Girls" story, Tina persuades Jenny to sign with an agent to seal the deal, only to learn Jenny has decided to start a bidding war, which could leave Tina completely out in the cold.

405 - Lez Girls (deleted scenes)

Scenes that didn't make the cut, available here for the first time.

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Phyllis tells her husband where to stick it!

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Max is stressed out and Shane tries to get him to go out.

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Bette at cocktail party where Phyllis pulls her aside to analyze an email from

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Bette and Jodi investigate Phyllis' bedroom.

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The L Word - The Showdown (Shane & Papi)

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Jennifer Beals Podcast

Join us as we chat with Jennifer Beals who plays Bette Porter, recently single and exploring new relationships.

Release Date: 2/5/07

406 - Luck Be a Lady

In episode 406, Bette enjoys a new romance even as she clashes with tina over the baby's preschool and weathers the emotional fallout of Alice's split wiht Phyllis; Helena, Shane and Alice Learn how to play poker.

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