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You Make Me Feel So Special

showtime promo plus a little bit of old clips from the l word. I've been trying to figure out the song playing in the background, anybody know who sings this song and what the title is?

credit: shades

Erin Daniels - CSI New York 410

isn't she amazing :)

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Trailer - There's No Fighting It

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Ourchart - Interview with Marlee Matlin

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'Holy Shit! Where's my L word promo showtime?'

"I've been such an asshole/I've been such a prick"
"Holy, holy shit/We've got the world by the tit."

credit: shades

It's On (The Oil Wrestling Promo) from

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L Word Cast + Leisha Hailey's LA Concert for Uh Huh Her Video Exclusive

Los Angeles, CA, November 16, 2007: Uh Huh Her is the band made up of musician/actress Leisha Hailey from Showtime's hit series The L Word, and Camila Grey, previously the bassist and keyboardist with lo-fi rock band Mellowdrone.

Today, published a 4 minute video of exclusive interviews with the cast about Leisha's new venture as well as with Leisha Hailey and Camila Grey. See the band playing their second show at the Knitting Factory in Los Angeles as well as hear what The L Word's Mia Kirshner, Kate Moennig,Rachel Shelley + Rose Rollins have to say about Uh Huh Her.

source: SpinDaily

uhhuhher video - avi
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Wanna Be In Love Promo 2 (shorter version)

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credit: shades

Questions Anyone - QA Leisha and Keener Part 1

by Ilene

u heard Kate's take on meeting her castmembers for the first time, including her #1 competition for the part of Shane--Leisha! Now let's get Leisha's side of the story. [Read more]

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Bette's Resolution Promo - click to download
Bette's Resolution Promo - flv version

Tina's Resolution Promo - click to downlaod
Tina's Resolution Promo - flv version

Jenny's Resolution Promo - click to download
Jenny's Resolution Promo - flv version

credit : Shades

And That Is A Warp

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Promises Promo

Shane's Promo avi
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Alice's Promo avi
Alice's promo flv

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