tlw s4 marathon and s5 premiere promo

with Jennifer Beals and laurel Holloman to Host the Premiere!

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Episode 501 screencaps and...

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Another season 5 promo (showcase Canada)

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The L Word is coming! Season 5 starts January 6th!

Unresolved romances and a long-simmering film project finally bear fruit in the fifth season of THE L WORD, returning January 6th, 2008 to SHOWTIME. Dreams come true and new life paths are forged for many of the show’s beloved characters this year – but not without the The L Word’s trademark provocative storylines, sizzling sexuality, and heart-rending emotion. The series stars Jennifer Beals, Leisha Hailey, Laurel Holloman, Mia Kirshner, Katherine Moennig, Daniela Sea, Rachel Shelley and Pam Grier. Season five’s new guest stars include Kelly McGillis and Wallace Shawn, alongside returning special guest stars Cybill Shepherd, Marlee Matlin, Kristanna Loken, Jane Lynch and, returning to a role that earned the program acclaim and controversy, Rose Rollins as Tasha, an Iraq War veteran concealing her sexuality from the military.

Season five’s major plot developments include a “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” investigation of Tasha Williams (Rose Rollins), a closeted soldier whose moving romance last season with the out-and-proud Alice Pieszecki (Leisha Hailey) earned the show an award from the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network.

Series creator and executive producer Ilene Chaiken is proud of the attention her series is bringing to the lingering but still-unresolved issue of gay military service. “I hope Tasha’s story will shed light on the military’s untenable policy of institutionalized discrimination again gay men and lesbians who sacrifice to serve their county,” Chaiken says. “Tasha’s experience with ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ only skims the surface of the battles gay servicemembers face everyday. We’re grateful to have had the opportunity to tell her story and hope that it sparks consensus, rather than controversy, on the need for policy reform.”

Debuting as the tough veteran Colonel Gillian Davis, who is charged with prosecuting Tasha’s case, is Kelly McGillis, star of such blockbuster motion pictures as Witness and Top Gun. McGillis brings grit and panache to a role that, like so many in The L Word, is less one-dimensional than it might be first assumed.

McGillis isn’t the only exciting fifth season guest star. Chaiken reveals that, “In addition to Jane Lynch and Holland Taylor, we’re delighted by the return of Cybill Shepherd and her real-life daughter, Clementine Ford, to play the mother-daughter duo of Phyllis and Molly Kroll.” Molly, who insists that she is straight (in contrast to her recently out mother) proves an unexpectedly stalwart foil to legendary heart breaker Shane (Katherine Moennig). Chaiken hints, “As for Shane…let’s just say she’s back and better than ever, but also more self-aware and prepared to deal with the girl drama she invites.

“Also new to season five is the incredible Wallace Shawn as the wily financier of Jenny’s movie,” reveals Chaiken. When Jenny’s undaunted persistence resurrects her autobiographical movie project Lez Girls with money from a hedge-fund billionaire (Shawn), the polarizing writer soon finds herself behind the camera directing the film, as well as wooing the hot new “It Girl” actress Nikki (Kate French) to star. “The production of Lez Girls is bringing a wealth of new talent to The L Word,” says Chaiken, who also cites guest stars Malaya Rivera Drew, who plays Jenny’s disturbingly devoted assistant Adele, and Patricia Velasquez as Begonia, a self-possessed actress appearing in Jenny’s film. “We are having an absolute blast with Jenny this year as she takes on Hollywood with her movie and its ‘fictional’ account of the friends’ lives,” Chaiken laughs.

Another significant story line for season five is the arrival of Dawn Denbo (Elizabeth Keener) and her lover Cindi (Alicia Leigh Willis), a pair of Florida party-girl emigres who open a new establishment to rival longtime hangout The Planet, setting into motion a rivalry with The Planet’s owner Kit (Pam Grier) that starts benignly but quickly turns bitter.

Then there are Bette and Tina, the former couple whose on-again, off-again romance remains, for many fans, the heart of The L Word. Despite Bette’s continued serious involvement with artist and professor Jodi Lerner (Marlee Matlin), her feelings for Tina seem to be gradually simmering into “on-again” mode, and the feeling could be mutual. The characters’ tortured passion will have viewers taking sides and glued to the screen.

When discussing the rollercoaster ride that is Bette and Tina, the executive producer chooses her words carefully. “I am certainly moved by how much the story of Bette and Tina resonates with viewers,” Chaiken asserts. “I won’t confirm or deny anything just yet but will say that everyone behind the show approached season five with a completely open mind. My personal hope is for Bette and Tina to find happiness, whether as friends and co-parents, or as a couple. We’ve seen them play both of those roles over the past four seasons and I believe they’re ready for resolution. But you’ll have to watch to find out which path they chose.”

Chaiken has a few more twists and turns planned for the new season, but says that the return of The L Word’s characters to the extended family vibe of the early years is the theme that really shapes the new episodes. “Some of our favorite scenes to write and shoot at The L Word have always been the big group scenes – those gatherings at The Planet, or get-togethers at Shane and Jenny’s or one of our famous dinner parties,” she relates. “If anything defines season five it’s a return to the magical friendship among our ladies and the humor it brings to their lives and our stories. At the same time, our characters are growing up and their core relationships to each other and as a group are shifting. In season five, I wouldn’t be surprised to see friendships take unexpected, dangerous, heartbreaking…or even romantic detours.”

The L Word is one of Showtime’s most popular series, generating a large and loyal audience, as well as critical praise for its provocative, sexy storylines, the engaging and nuanced performances of its principal cast, and its appeal to celebrated directors and guest stars. Premiering Sundays at 9 p.m. PT/ET with several multi-plays during the week and available on the ever-growing Showtime On Demand, the groundbreaking series follows a group of Los Angeles-based friends as they navigate careers, families, friendships, inner struggles and romantic entanglements. Since its debut in January 2004, The L Word has become part of American popular culture, spawning dedicated fan websites and blogs, and even branded products such as perfume, jewelry and books.

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On Demand Promo

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The L Access

Oh lalala... and Happy Birthday Jennifer Beals!

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Mini Promos

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I received a Production Notes from today for episode 501 -506, you can click here to download it but if you're spoilers free I suggest you to skip this post. hehe

A Reminder:

You don't have to wait until the new year to watch the season 5 premiere - visit Ourchart on week in advance (starting on Dec. 31) to watch the entire first episode online.

but... it won't be streamed outside the US. :(

'The L Word' Episode Photos From "Lookin' At You Kid"

Daniela Sea auction item for Farm Sanctuary Holiday Auction

Have lunch with Daniela Sea and have her give you a surfing lesson!

This package includes EITHER Lunch and a Yoga Session with Daniela in New York OR Lunch and a Surfing Lesson with Sea in LA, Your choice!!
Sea grew up in Malibu, California, raised by her artist/surfer/hippie parents. When she was a child, her father came out as gay. Her stepfather taught her to surf and moved the family to Hawaii so they could enjoy better surfing. Her earliest memories are of the ocean, later inspiring her pseudonym.

After Sea returned from Europe, she moved to New York City and decided to re-enter the acting world, giving an audition tape to a friend who worked on The L Word's writing staff. Sea then got a call at her restaurant job in New York and was asked to fly to Los Angeles for an audition. She was then offered to perform the role of Moira Sweeney, an androgynous computer technician who moves from the Midwest with Jenny (Mia Kirshner). Over the course of the season, Moira comes out as a transman, adopting the name "Max Sweeney". She and Leisha Hailey (Alice) are the only out lesbians in The L Word ensemble cast.

Besides The L Word, Sea's filmography also includes the films Shortbus (2006) and Itty Bitty Titty Committee, released in 2007. She also appeared in the John Cameron Mitchell-directed music video for Bright Eyes' "First Day of My Life".

Click here for more info on how to bid.

Farm sanctuary is the nation's leading national, nonprofit farm animal rescue and protection organization, operating coast to coast shelters for abused and neglected farm animals and working to enact laws and policies to end factory farming abuses in the U.S. Working to build urgently needed support to relieve farm animals of suffering on factory farms, and also to raise crucial funds for their education programs, outreach and animal rescues.

'The L Word' Episode Photos From "Let's Get This Party Started"

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ourchart - It's on On Set Part 1 with Rose Rollins

Rose Rollins dishes to Alicia Leigh Willis about her plane-hopping, unfortunately outfitted journey to win the part of Tasha and the prankster wars that quickly took over her second season filming the show. Who's behind all the shenanigans? [Read more]

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Will Bette and Tina get back together?

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5 Things for Season 5

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The L Word Promo - 5 things for season 5

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2008 wallapaper to Preview The L Word a Week Before Showtime Debut

Showtime is streaming the premiere of season five of its original series The L Word on, the lesbian-targeting site founded by the show's creator Ilene Chaiken, a week before it premieres on TV. The episode will debut with behind-the-scenes content on the site Dec. 30; the show returns on Showtime Jan. 6.

“This is historic, marking the first time a gay or lesbian site has hosted the season debut of any television series,” said Hilary Rosen, founder and President of in a statement. “The lesbian community is Internet savvy, and is twice as likely as heterosexual women to consider the Internet their prime source of entertainment, making a perfect vehicle for The L Word season opener.” was launched in Jan. 2007 with Chaiken as CEO and has featured content from the show before.

Showtime has been aggressive in offering shows online and through other media before their TV premieres. The pay channel became the first network to offer a full episode of a series to an unrestricted online audience prior to its launch, when it distributed the Kirstie Alley comedy Fat Actress through Yahoo! in March 2005.

Since then, it has offered nearly all its major new shows early online, through multiple partners. This summer the network debuted its new series Californication through NetFlix three weeks prior to its TV debut.

“We think this is our best season of The L Word ever,” said Chaiken in a statement. “It’s the biggest, wildest party we’ve thrown, and we’re pretty sure that our fans will find that the fifth season is mindful of the demands and desires they’ve expressed on We are thrilled to continue our successful relationship with Showtime by hosting the national premiere on, and we are grateful for their ongoing support.”


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Just Because...

The Chart

Ourchart - The Tao of Bette

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It's on Part 3

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more season 5 stills pictures (HQ)

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