Dinah 2008 - Be Scene 206

by Gigi Nicolas

This week, “The Lost Cast Members” take the stage and stir up the crowd with a rousing reenactment of the Shane and Carmen striptease. [Read more]

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Answer from Kate and Clementine Part 2

by Gigi Nicolas

Kate Moennig and Clementine Ford answer your questions in the second part of their Questions Anyone podcast [Read more]

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QA with Kate and Clementine Part 1

Dinah 2008 - Be Scene 205

by Gigi Nicolas

This week, “The Lesbian Mafia” hits the stage on this week’s Be Scene. [Read More]

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Writer's Room 1: Room Service

Season 6 Writer's assistant Cassie Pappas on the job. [read more]

Live From San Francisco

Ilene was in good company at the San Francisco GLAAD Media Awards on May 10th as Jennifer Beals presented her with the Davidson/Valentini Award for her dedication to promoting equal rights for the LGBT community. Other winners that night included James Schamus, producer of Brokeback Mountain, David Mixner for over 30 years of civil and gay rights activism, and Sharon Stone for her years of fundraising for HIV/AIDS research. [Read More]

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Dinah 2008 - Be Scene 204

by Gigi Nicolas

A seemingly demure team “Betchy Kitty” takes the stage for this round of Be Scene. [Read more]

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19th Annual GLAAD Media Awards - San Francisco

Ilene Chaiken - Arrivals

Jennifer Beals - Arrivals

Answers From Mia and Kate French

by Gigi Nicolas

We've got a little surprise for fans of Jenniki…and fans of Mia Kirshner…and fans of Kate French…and fans of The L Word…(Just covering my bases here). Questions Anyone is back with a much-in-demand podcast featuring Mia and Kate, dishing on the "problems" of group scenes and other on-set foibles. If only they could shed some light on that whole Shenniki encounter at the "Lez Girls" wrap party [Read more]

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Dinah 2008 - Be Scene 203

by Gigi Nicolas

In our third episode of Be Scene at the Dinah, team Biggie Boobs takes the stage. [read more]

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Getting the word from Leisha Hailey

World's sexiest woman talks about her band, Uh Huh Her.
By Wade Tatangelo

"I'm an overachiever," Leisha Hailey says matter-of-factly. It's a remark that could sound arrogant, but not coming from a woman who cofronts the electro-pop band Uh Huh Her and stars as bisexual magazine writer Alice Pieszecki on the Showtime series The L Word. Hailey clearly has the acting/singing resume to support this mild boast.

The 36-year-old was romantically linked to k.d. lang in the '90s, but her love life and the meanings behind her lyrics remain off limits during our phone interview. "On TV, you play a reporter," I say to Hailey. "If your character Alice was interviewing you, what might be a couple pressing questions she'd ask?"

"That's hard," she responds, after an awkward pause. "I'll pass."

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Diva Magazine Scans - Rachel Shelley

credit: two

Rachel Shelley - Ghost Whisperer (Deadbeat Dads)

youtube Part 1 | youtube Part 2

Ghost Whisperer 214 - Speed Demon

Ghost Whispere 220 - The Collector
youtube part 1 | youtube part 2

Kate Moennig - CSI Miami 619 - Rock and a Hard Place

download full episode here.

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credit: n.enya

Emmy entries: 'Tudors' (final), 'Brotherhood,' 'L-Word'

Best Drama Series("Lunar Cycle")
Directing: Rose Troche ("Liquid Heat")
Lead Actress: Jennifer Beals ("Liquid Heat")
Lead Actress: Laurel Holloman ("Life Cycle")
Lead Actress: Mia Kirshner ("Liquid Heat")
Supporting Actress: Marlee Matlin ("Lunar Cycle")
Supporting Actress: Daniela Sea ("LGB Tease")
Supporting Actress: Rachel Shelley ("Lady of the Lake")
Supporting Actress: Katherine Moennig ("Lifecycle")
Supporting Actress: Leisha Hailey ("Lookin' at You, Kid")
Supporting Actress: Pam Grier ("Lifecycle")
Supporting Actress: Rose Rollins ("Lady of the Lake")
Guest Actress: Cybill Shepherd ("Loyal and True")
Guest Actress: Holland Taylor ("Lady of the Lake")
Guest Actress: Kelly McGillis ("Lay Down the Law")
Guest Actress: Elizabeth Keener ("Lookin' at You, Kid")
Directing: Craig Zisk ("Go")
Directing: Julie Anne Robinson "Cankles")
Writing: Ilene Chaiken ("Liquid Heat")

Source: goldderby.latimes.com

May Issue of Curve Magazine - Rose Rollins

The hot soldier girl from The L Word share her secrets, tips on how to deal with fame and what's next for tasha.


Diva Magazine - June 2008

Don't forget to buy June issue of Diva Magazine with The L Word star Rachel Shelley on the cover.