Episode 503 - Lady Of The Lake

Shane swears off sex and reaps the health benefits with new energy and focus; Tina's dating woes finally improve; Max ponders a mutual same-sex attraction to Jodi's interpreter; The Planet is burglarized and Kit attacked after hours.

Directed By: Tricia Brock
Written By: Ilene Chaiken
Guest Stars: Holland Taylor, Lucia Rijker, John Pyper-Ferguson and Malaya Rivera Drew

clip 1 - Sworn of Sex (Shane declares a moritorium on sex, drama, and jealousy.) sharebee | sendspace|mediafire | youtube
clip 2 - They're Beautiful (Tina goes home with her date and has a glass of wine.) sharebee| sendspace | mediafire| youtube

503 preview wmv | youtube (credit: shades)

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