507 - "Lesbians Gone Wild"

Tasha meets Colonel Gillian Davis, the hard-assed military attorney who will be prosecuting her "Don't Ask Don't Tell" case. Back on the Lez Girls set, Bette and Tina steal a passionate moment behind-the-scenes while conniving Adele convinces Niki Stevens to ditch work for "Lesbian Turkish Oil Wrestling" at rival club, SheBar.

Directed By: Angela Robinson
Written By: Elizabeth Ziff
Guest Stars: Malaya Rivera Drew, Alicia Leigh Willis, Patricia Velásquez, Kate French, Elizabeth Keener, Deanne Bray, Clementine Ford, Kelly McGillis

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clip 1 - Get Her
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clip 2 - Fun Gay
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Anonymous said...

I am a 34 old bi! I just love u! Please keep doing what u are doing.;-)