509 - "Liquid Heat"

Amidst a scorching heat wave in Los Angeles, Jenny finds her own temperature rising on the set of Lez Girls. After a quick dip in the pool, Jodi does her best to cool things off with Bette but is quickly turned away as Bette would rather brave the heat with Tina than with Jodi. Shane convinces Jenny to accompany her to a mafia-inspired sit down hosted by the women of SheBar, Dawn Denbo and her lover Cindi.

Directed By: Rose Troche
Written By: Ilene Chaiken
Special Guest Star: Cybill Shepherd
Guest Stars: Malaya Rivera Drew, Jane Lynch, Alicia Leigh Willis, Elizabeth Keener, Kate French, Clementine Ford

509 preview

509 mini preview

clip 1 - Better Be Careful

clip 2 - We Don't have to


Anonymous said...

Wanted to thank the writers for moving Tina & Bette closer to getting back together...I am in a 20 year relationship with the same wonderful woman and would like to see a stable couple on the show...Tina & Bette are my pick.....

fari bradley said...

Yes it's really engaging. Stability is a good anti-stereotype too promote.

Erica said...

Great show. Great music. Great intentions.