Video Podcast - Leisha Hailey

Leisha Hailey talks about how the cast has changed throughout the years.

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505 stills pictures

Ourchart - First Look at 508!

In a repeat of OurChart's L Word premiere treat, we're serving up another one of this season's episodes a whole week before you'll see it on Showtime! Mark your calendars for Monday, February 18, to watch an advance streaming of episode 508, "Lay Down The Law," only on OurChart.

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Time To Make Time Promo

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Video Podcast - Kate Moennig

Kate Moennig talks about Jenny and how Shane still puts up with her

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The Secret Ingredient 504


505 - Lookin' At You, Kid

Jenny throws a bash to introduce her friends to the actresses playing them in "Lez Girls," provoking both delight and distress; Bette and Tina try to deal with what is obviously a rekindled spark; Alice angrily outs a secretly gay sports star after he utters a homophobic slur, sparking a media firestorm.

Directed By: Angela Robinson
Written By: Angela Robinson
Special Guest Star: Cybill Shepherd
Guest Stars: Malaya Rivera Drew, Alicia Leigh Willis, Patricia Velásquez, Kate French, Elizabeth Keener, Wendy Glenn, Angela Gots
505 Preivew (credit shades) youtube | wmv

505 mini Preview (
youtube | avi

Clip 1 - It's on
youtube | avi

clip 2 - For Jenny's Benefit
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Video Podcast - Laurel Holloman

Laurel Holloman discusses how Tina has changed and how the show depicts Hollywood.

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Video Podcast - Jennifer Beals

Jennifer Beals talks about Bette's relationship with Jodi and how Tina fits in.
watch here.

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The Secret Ingredient 503

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Fan Fic Part III with molly

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504 - Let's Get This Party Started

Bette's jealousy over Tina's new girlfriend is the probable cause of a surprising moment; Jenny is courted for the lead in her movie by the latest Bond girl; the gang attends the opening of a new lesbian club competing with The Planet.

Directed By: John Stockwell
Written By: Elizabeth Ziff
Guest Stars: Malaya Rivera Drew, Alicia Leigh Willis, Kate French, Elizabeth Keener

503 preview (youtube | wmv) credit: shades

clip 1 - Just take a minute (youtube | avi)
clip 2 - She can't act (youtube | avi)

On Set - Part II

Molly arrives on set and meets the cast and crew.

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Video Podcast - Mia Krishner

Mia Kirshner discusses her character Jenny, as well as her upcoming book.


The L Word Wiki

The L Word Wiki is a collaboratively written website created by the fans for the fans. A place where you can post your ideas, videos and photos and info about the l word episodes, cast members and also the characters. Join now or visit TLW Official Fan Wiki for more info.

Cybill Shepherd's Coming Out

Cybill Shepherd is still sexy at 57 -- that's not news. What is news is that she's re-joining the cast of "The L Word" and today finds herself in a love scene with another woman.

A sit-down with Marlee Matlin (Video Podcasts)

Marlee Matlin discusses her character Jodi, and how Hollywood is portrayed in season five.

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The Secret Ingredient 502

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You Wrote It. Now See It!

Some of you might remember a little contest OurChart sponsored with FanLib last summer when The L Word team was still hard at work filming Season 5. We challenged you to imagine a scene from Seasons 1 or 2 of The L Word as a scene from Jenny's movie, "Lez Girls". Now that you've seen the teasers in episodes 501 and 502, you probably understand where we were going with this.

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Episode 503 - Lady Of The Lake

Shane swears off sex and reaps the health benefits with new energy and focus; Tina's dating woes finally improve; Max ponders a mutual same-sex attraction to Jodi's interpreter; The Planet is burglarized and Kit attacked after hours.

Directed By: Tricia Brock
Written By: Ilene Chaiken
Guest Stars: Holland Taylor, Lucia Rijker, John Pyper-Ferguson and Malaya Rivera Drew

clip 1 - Sworn of Sex (Shane declares a moritorium on sex, drama, and jealousy.) sharebee | sendspace|mediafire | youtube
clip 2 - They're Beautiful (Tina goes home with her date and has a glass of wine.) sharebee| sendspace | mediafire| youtube

503 preview wmv | youtube (credit: shades)

The 39th NAACP Image Awards

The 39th NAACP Image Awards will air live on Thursday, February 14 on FOX.

View Nominees

Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series
  • CCH Pounder – “The Shield” (FX)
  • Jennifer Beals – “The L Word” (Showtime)
  • Nicki Micheaux – “Lincoln Heights” (ABC Family)
  • Regina Taylor – “The Unit” (CBS)
  • Wendy Davis – “Army Wives” (Lifetime)

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series
  • Audra McDonald – “Private Practice” (ABC)
  • Chandra Wilson – “Grey’s Anatomy” (ABC)
  • Marianne Jean-Baptiste – “Without A Trace”(CBS)
  • Pam Grier – “The L Word” (Showtime)
  • S. Epatha Merkerson – “Law & Order” (NBC)

Red Carpet Exclusive!

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The View - Jennifer Beals and Cybil Shepherd

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The L Word Premiere Party Photos

The L Word Party, The Factory, West Hollywood, CA, January 6, 2008

click here for more photos of the LA premiere.. I'll upload more soon. Enjoy

credit: skye

Interview with...

Leisha Hailey and Kate Moennig

When recently visited the set of The L Word in Los Angeles to interview Leisha Hailey and Kate Moennig, it was a typically scorching October day. The cast and crew (many of them women, unlike on many film and television sets) observed as Moennig, Hailey, Laurel Holloman and Mia Kirshner rehearsed a short exterior scene in the tony neighborhood of West Hollywood before shooting.

I had met Kirshner earlier, on my ride to the set. And by "met" I mean that I tripped as I stepped into the van, nearly tumbling into her lap, prompting her to sweetly ask, "Are you OK?" Kirshner is even more distractingly beautiful in real life than on the show, so I even fumbled my "Yes, thank you" in response. My glamorous on-location interview was off to a great start.

click here to read more on KM and LH interview


The Secret Ingredient 501

TLW - 502 Look Out, Here They Come! Preview

Tina's obvious, lingering affection for Bette affects her dating prospects; Shane's last-minute gig styling hair at a wedding results in a comic series of erotic encounters; Tasha reveals her reason for not shipping out to Iraq: she's being investigated for "homosexual conduct."

Directed By: Cherien Dabis
Written By: Jamie Babbit
Special Guest Star: Cybill Shepherd
Guest Stars: Malaya Rivera Drew, Jane Lynch, Lucia Rijker and Wallace Shawn

clip 1 - you don't get it Youtube | avi
clip 2 - I'm next youtube | avi

502 Preview

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tlw Jennifer and Laurel s5 premiere final thank you

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tlw Jennifer and Laurel s5 premiere intro

it: shades

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Jennifer and Laurel s5 premiere intro before 412

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[+] "L Word" Preview: Spoiler Alert...

[+] Could this be the last word for 'The L Word'?

Cybill Shepherd and daughter talk about being co-stars

By Missy, CBB Writer

Working side-by-side on the set of The L Word with her mom Cybill Shepherd has been an eye-opening experience for Clementine Ford, in more ways than one. The 28-year-old says that although she and Cybil are close, she's trying to avoid witnessing Cybill's lesbian love scenes on the show. Telling Entertainment Tonight that she sometimes watches with her eyes closed, Clementine says,

There are certain things you don't want to see...I'll look anywhere around but at the TV.

click her to read more about Cybill and Clementine

source: Celebrity baby blog (thanks allybally)

The Return Of The L Word: Sunday

by Katelyn/

The L Word's coming back on Sunday, 9pm on Showtime! This means weekly installments of nothing but gloriously bad decisions, lesbian sex both complicated and primal, stylishly coiffed men, women, and those who have yet to make up their minds, and -- possibly our favorite part--endless cups of coffee, gossip, and star guest performances at (all-purpose meeting point) The Planet.

If you haven't been watching, get thee to the video store and rent thee some Season One dvds. Some of our favorite storylines: Bette and Tina might possibly be getting back together (but only if Tina decides she wants to be a lesbian again after a hetero interlude, and only if Bette dumps the deaf artist she's dating now). Alice, an intrepid columnist for LA Weekly and webmaster for The Chart (a lesbian version of Myspace), is dating a soldier girl. Shane, androgynous, perpetually sexually-active, hairdresser Shane, had informal custody of her much younger half-brother for awhile and we all thought she might finally be growing up; probably not, though.

Predictions for Season Five: Shane will not grow up (but we will continue to love her best). Jenny will manipulate everyone and everything around her, because she has no soul. Kit, the alcoholic, will relapse... again. Betty, the show's girl rock band, will continue to weird us out. Bette and Tina will reunite (it's inevitable!). And finally, Seattlest will drink too many whiskey blood-orange sodas while we revel in someone else's stylized and sleekly produced drama. Welcome back, L Word!

PS: The Human Rights Campaign and Showtime are hosting a Season Five Premiere Party at Cinerama downtown, from 2:30 to 6pm (all-ages, but there's a 21+ after-party). You wouldn't be able to drink *during* the show, but it could be super fun to see it on the big screen.

and also The L Word, Season 5 brings sexy back (spoiler alert)

Worthy shows coming to cable, broadcast TV

by Charlie McCollum

Entering its fifth season (9 p.m. Sunday, Showtime), "The L Word" can be overblown, unfocused and repetitive in its storytelling. But when it puts the spotlight on its core characters - particularly those played by Jennifer Beals, Leisha Hailey and Laurel Holloman - the drama can be effective and entertaining

scribegrrrl's Top 13 "L Word" Season 5 Spoilers

To click or not to click it's up to you.... beware.... *drum roll* tada... enter at your own risk :)

you might want to go there --> Top 13 "L Word' Season 5


Episode 501 - LGB Tease

In episode 501, the fifth season premiere, Shane derails plans to move in with Paige, then suffers the consequences; Jenny returns from vacation with a billionaire movie financier in tow; Phyllis has doubts about her romance with Joyce.

clip 1 - I love You | youtube
clip 2 - A few notes | youtube

The L Word Season 5 Preview

by Frank Cifaldi

Season 5 of The L Word promises more of the great stories we have grown accustomed to from this acclaimed SHOWTIME series which follows the lives of a dozen or so lesbians in Los Angeles.

As the season begins, Tasha is still in the Army and about to be shipped out to Iraq. Just outted Phyllis (Memphis's own Cybil Shepherd), is sick and tired of being tied down to Joyce and is interested in playing the field and, possibly, "U-Hauling." This, we learn, is a lesbian term for meeting someone and within a short amount of time, piling your stuff in a U-Haul and moving in with them.

The gorgeous Jenny (Mia Kirshner) has written her book, "Lez Girls," and is off to Hollywood with Tina (Laurel Holloman) to get the book made into a movie with Jenny directing. Of course, Jenny is not wild about the choice of the starlet chosen to be in her film (and the studio is saying either she takes the actress or the movie doesn't get made) as she is definitely not one to be controlled. Having had her assistant quit because of Jenny's demanding attitude, Jenny "allows" one of her adoring fans to take over as the new assistant.

Bette (the-more-gorgeous-as-she-gets -older Jennifer Beals) and Jody (Oscar Winner Marlee Matlin) are having some bumps in their relationship. Shane (Katherine Moennig) has vowed to go celibate as she is tired of all the drama that happens with relationships (of course, this is AFTER her business is burned to the ground). Helena (Rachel Shelley) is in prison and gets released after her mother (Holland Taylor in another funnier-than-hell performance) pays bail. Dear old Mom then decides to send her to Europe before her trial.

Max (Daniela Sea) is cruised by a man (Jody's interpretor) who thinks she is a guy ever since her sex change operations have begun. Max is also told that she no longer fits in with the lesbian friends she had before because she is almost complete in her transformation. Daniela Sea, the actress in the role as Max, is nothing short of remarkable in her portrayal.

Finally, Alice (the great Leisha Hailey) is surprised when Tasha makes an appearance and lets her know that she is being investigated for homosexual behaviour and may get kicked out of the Army. When two Military personnel visit Alice unexpectedly, she almost loses control while trying to keep their prying eyes away from anything that would incriminate Tasha as being her lover. Yeah, she isn't very successful at that. Pam Grier is back as Bette's sister Kit who runs the local lesbian bar called The Planet and is not very happy that there is a new bar in town called Shebar that is trying to compete as the hottest spot for lesbians in Los Angeles.

I had never seen an episode of The L Word before I got the preview discs and I am now hooked. It is one of the best dramas that is being offered on Cable. While I am sure that it must have a fanbase comprised of lesbians, you do not have to be a gay female to enjoy the storylines or the acting. Women will love it because it shows how much power a woman can have and the men will like it because it shows a pretty decent amount of flesh throughout the episodes. Be sure to catch the new season on SHOWTIME beginning in two days and I guarantee that you, too, will fall in love with these lovely ladies of Los Angeles.

Episode 501 - Bette and Tina Promo

Grrrrr youtube, isohateyourightnow :(

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The L Word 501 preview promo

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credit: shades