Showtime's Who Killed ***** ******** Short (spoilarrrr alert)

INTERVIEWS WITH Jennifer Beals, Laurel Holloman, Kate Moennig, Rachel Shelley as The L Word comes to an end.

IT SEEMS HARD TO BELIEVE that five years have passed since The L Word made its huge debut on Showtime, bringing gay women out of the supporting role closet and to the foreground as primetime leading ladies.

We have put together some interesting facts, characters profiles, and recaps of every episode, from season 1 up to now. As the sixth and final season of this groundbreaking series gets set to air on January 18, 2009, we at She felt there was no better way to send it off in-style than to talk with some of the women who brought us episode after episode of The L Word to love.

Did you ever think that this show would give you such a big comeback, and that it would be in a gay role?
I don’t look to have a comeback or an impact on anybody, other than myself. It’s about following the story and what story is meaningful to me and what I connect with. That’s my biggest criteria. The mortgage is maybe a distant second.
You can’t help but notice that almost every character has had either semi-nude or full-nude scenes on the show except for you. Was that a personal choice?
I didn’t think it was necessary. I think I’ve effectively conveyed Bette’s sense of intimacy and sexuality without showing nudity.

Being a mom in real life and in the show, what differences or obstacles, if any, did you find between a straight and gay mother?
The main problem is that there should be a gay marriage. But basically, I don’t know how much I can say without giving things away. Let’s just say going to the hospital and being not legally married, one mother, the birth mother, which would be Tina, gets recognized before that. And that’s a problem, and a straight mother does not have to deal with that.

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Jennifer Beals Thrown a Curve By 'L Word' Final Season Change

Jennifer Beals reveals she was "completely" surprised to find out that the final season of her "The L Word" series has been transformed into flashbacks. She admits to this column that she's been thrown "a little off-balance by it. It seemed very different from what we had done prior, but you kind of roll with the flow. We'll see what happens."

Asked whether she likes the way her Bette Porter character's storyline has been handled, she says, "I don't know how the show has been edited. It's completely different from the way we shot it, in a way, since it's all being shown as flashbacks."

The Showtime series, returning Jan. 18, completed its production in October, and "they just recently put the trailers together," she notes. She did not learn of the change from the producers. "Somebody else told me -- Rachel," she says, referring to cast mate Rachel Shelley.

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Season 6 Cast Photos

Season 6 Cast Photos
and HQ Photos (credit: Dorothy Surrenders)

Season 6 Episode 1

Episode 1

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Director Bios

ILENE CHAIKEN (Executive Producer/Writer and director of Episode 601 “Long Night’s Journey Into Day” and Episode 608 “Last Word”)

ILENE CHAIKEN has accomplished extraordinary range and versatility throughout her career as a writer and producer working in film and television and continues to defy all boundaries. With a penchant for storytelling and a passion for her community, Chaiken has been a pioneer in the portrayal of lesbians on television. Chaiken has worked openly as a lesbian in Hollywood for more than 25 years and is internationally known as one of the creators of the groundbreaking SHOWTIME series THE L WORD®, which debuted in January 2004.

Chaiken made her directorial debut in season two’s final episode, and has continued to direct episodes of the series since.

THE L WORD® has grown into a cultural phenomenon, giving a worldwide audience of both gay and straight fans the opportunity to get a glimpse into the complex lives and relationships of a group of LGBT friends and lovers. Since the creation and subsequent success of the series, Chaiken has been recognized as one of Power Up’s “Top 10 Lesbians in Hollywood,” and as one of OUT magazine’s “100 Most Powerful Gay People in Hollywood.”

Chaiken’s other writing credits include the SHOWTIME Original Pictures “Damaged Care” and “Dirty Pictures,” which won a Golden Globe® Award for Best Television Movie in 2000. Chaiken’s feature film work includes “Barb Wire,” starring Pamela Anderson. Prior to her writing career, Chaiken was an executive for Aaron Spelling Productions and Quincy Jones Productions.

In January 2007, Chaiken and a small group of prominent women from the entertainment and technology worlds launched, a fully-featured social networking and media site on the Web for lesbians and their friends. In March 2006, THE L WORD®: Welcome to Our Planet was published by Simon & Schuster with excerpts throughout the book by Chaiken.

ROSE TROCHE (Episode 602 “Least Likely”; Episode 604 “Leaving Los Angeles” and Episode 607 “Last Couple Standing”)

ROSE TROCHE is the award-winning writer/director of “Go Fish,” “Bedrooms and Hallways” and “The Safety of Objects.” Her work in television includes the Emmy® award-winning, “Six Feet Under,” “Touching Evil,” “South of Nowhere,” and “Ugly Betty.” She is set to direct Ariel Shrag's adaptation of her autobiographical graphic novel, “Potential,” and is finishing work on her original screenplay, “Matty Tadeau's In Love,” as well as developing a series for television based on the graphic novel by acclaimed writer, Brian Wood, entitled “The New York Four.”

ANGELA ROBINSON (Episode 603 “LMFAO” and Episode 605 “Litmus Test”)

ANGELA ROBINSON first caught Hollywood's attention when her indie feature, "D.E.B.S.," premiered at the Sundance Film Festival – a film she wrote, directed and edited. "D.E.B.S." launched her career and subsequently Walt Disney Pictures approached her to direct the feature "Herbie: Fully Loaded," starring Lindsay Lohan, Michael Keaton and Matt Dillon. Upcoming projects for Robinson include “Pledged" for Paramount and "Witches" for Disney Studios. Girltrash!, a graphic novel based on her web-series of the same name will be published by Random House in May 2009.

JOHN STOCKWELL (Episode 606 “Lactose Intolerant”)

JOHN STOCKWELL has established himself as an actor, writer and director. Some of his television directing credits include “Cheaters,” “Rocky Point” and the feature films “Crazy/Beautiful,” “Blue Crush,” “Into the Blue,” “Turistas,” and most recently "Middle of Nowhere."

Guest Star Bios

KATE FRENCH (Niki Stevens) was born in Flemington, New Jersey, and raised on Long Island with her three siblings. Her parents, Joan and Rob French, were both fashion models and her stepfather is a fashion photographer. Following in her parents' footsteps, French pursued a career in modeling but always had a passion for acting. She first appeared on the big screen in 2006 with a small role in the film “Accepted,” and later had a starring role as ‘Brooke Crawford’ in the primetime soap opera "Wicked Wicked Games" which was her first appearance on the small screen. French attended the University of California in Santa Barbara, and is an aspiring writer in addition to her acting career.

Born in New Zealand, LUCY LAWLESS (Sergeant Marybeth Duffy) has always had a passion for acting. As fate would have it, Lawless was picked on the spot when an American actress pulled out of the role of “Xena.” At that time, she was just a guest character on “Hercules, the Legendary Journeys,” which was filming in her hometown. The character struck a chord with audiences and spun off into her own series. Since then, Lawless has played “Rizzo” on Broadway, hosted “Saturday Night Live,” pulverized Calista Flockhart on “Celebrity Deathmatch,” and saved Bart and Lisa on “The Simpsons.” Roles on “X-Files” and “Battlestar Galactica” cemented her cult-TV status. However, it was “Celebrity Duets” in October of 2006 that propelled Lawless in a new creative direction. On the final night, when she got to sing a song of her own choice called “Tell Mama!” Since then, she has performed sold-out shows at the famed Roxy in Los Angeles and the Canal Room in New York.

ELIZABETH BERKLEY (Kelly Wentworth) is a versatile and accomplished actress, on stage, screen and television. On the big screen, Berkley starred in Dylan Kidd’s critically acclaimed “Roger Dodger,” which screened at the Toronto Film Festival, won Best Feature Narrative at the Tribeca Film Festival and won the Don Quixote, FIPRESCI, and Luigi DeLaurentiis Awards at the Venice Film Festival. She also starred in “Moving Malcolm,” “Curse of the Jade Scorpion,” “Any Given Sunday,” “The First Wives Club,” “Showgirls,” “The Real Blonde,” and recently completed David Arquette’s 3-D film “The Butler’s In Love.” Other recent projects include “S. Darko,” a continuation of “Donnie Darko,” and “Women in Trouble” directed by Sebastian Gutierrez opposite Josh Brolin and Carla Gugino. Berkley is currently appearing weekly on TV’s highly rated “CSI: Miami” as recurring character ‘Julia Winston,’ as well as hosting Bravo’s hit dance show “Step It Up And Dance.” Past television roles include “Without a Trace,” “Law & Order,” “NYPD Blue,” and her breakout role as ‘Jessie Spano’ on four seasons of “Saved by the Bell.” She has starred in two Lifetime films, “Student Seduction” and “Dark Beauty.” On stage, Berkley garnered rave reviews for her Broadway debut in “Sly Fox,” opposite Richard Dreyfuss and Eric Stoltz, and for her role in “Hurlyburly” opposite Ethan Hawke. She also starred opposite Eddie Izzard in Sir Peter Hall’s West End production of “Lenny” and received critical praise for her portrayal of ‘Honey Harlow’ during the show’s successful six-month run at the Queen’s Theater.

ROGER CROSS’s (Emcee Sunset Blvd. / Sonny) feature film credits include “The Day The Earth Stood Still,” “Noah’s Ark: The New Beginning,” “Mad Money,” “World Trade Center,” “King’s Ransom,” “Beautiful Joe,” “Chronicles of Riddick,” and “X2: X-Men United.” Cross won a Screen Actors Guild Award for his performance as ‘Curtis Manning’ in the hit Fox series “24.” Cross has also been seen in Steven Spielberg’s “Taken,” Francis Ford Coppola’s “First Wave,” “Peacemaker,” “Bionic Woman,” and several episodes of “Outer Limits” and “The 4400.”

MEI MELANCON (Jamie Chen) is a new character on THE L WORD®. She recently wrapped filming the feature “Shrink,” starring opposite Kevin Spacey and Robin Williams. Melancon recently starred in the Bigfoot independent production of “Irreversi,” Lakeshore’s “Pathology,” and “Fold” a film by Ghost House Pictures. Melancon grew up mainly in Japan; her mother is of French heritage and her father is Japanese and Chinese. While having a successful modeling career, she began studying with various acting coaches in 2003 and soon began getting parts in shows such as “CSI” and “Deadwood.” She caught her big break when Brett Ratner cast her in the role of ‘Psylocke,’ a mutant assassin in the hit feature film “X-Men: The Last Stand.”

About the Show


Last season’s spontaneous steamy moment between Shane (Katherine Moennig) and Nikki (Kate French) leads Jenny (Mia Kirshner) to confess the identity of her true love and complicates the group’s future dynamics. On the sixth and final season of THE L WORD®, careers evolve, relationships are tested and friendships end in murder. It begins with Jenny found dead! As a result, everyone’s lives are turned upside down leaving all the friends despondent but also suspects – who did it and how did it happen? Flashbacks of the months leading up to the murder will be the only way to put the pieces together to learn why.


Bette (Jennifer Beals) and Tina (Laurel Holloman) talk about expanding their family and beginning a new life but the plan could be ruined when Bette bumps into an old friend with dangerous potential; Alice (Leisha Hailey) and Tasha (Rose Rollins) ponder their compatibility as they seek counseling; an old flame appears sending Helena (Rachel Shelley) reeling; and Max (Daniela Sea) is faced with an extraordinary situation.


The negative of “Lez Girls” goes missing; Shane’s incessant apologizing to Jenny finally gets noticed; Alice’s feelings are hurt when Jenny denounces her desire to write a screenplay; Phyllis (Cybill Shepherd) lets Bette in on a suppressed secret; and it’s opening night at Kit (Pam Grier) and Helena’s new club, HIT!


Shane and Jenny are still melting over each other; Bette and Tina go to Nevada to meet a potential birth mother; Max is trying to deal with being pregnant; Alice and Tasha play matchmaker; and Kelly Wentworth (Elizabeth Berkley) may have what Bette needs.


Jenny writes another script that sells; Bette and Kelly go into business; Alice and Tasha have a third-wheel crush; the girls plot a sting operation to test Dylan; and, Jenny encroaches more on Shane.


Jenny throws a baby shower for Max; Bette and Tina hit a roadblock in the adoption process; Bette goes solo to her gallery’s opening night celebration leading Kelly to go in for the kill; Shane is feeling boxed in by Jenny; and Alice starts to feel like three is a crowd.


The Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center dance marathon is on; someone is moving to the Big Apple; rumors fly fast around the dance floor that Alice and Tasha may be in couple trouble; The HIT!’s Sunset Blvd makes a shocking revelation to Kit; and there’s a no-show at the bus station.


In the final episode of the series, what starts out as a celebration of friendship quickly ends in a web of betrayal and deceit; the girls find themselves in the slammer with Sergeant Duffy (Lucy Lawless); and the investigation into Jenny’s death begins…

Season 6 - Production Notes

Ever since THE L WORD® exploded six years ago into living rooms across the country, Showtime Networks’ landmark series has continued to take center stage in the hearts and minds of legions of fans. The groundbreaking series has become a pop culture icon that has put its indelible stamp on the political/social and entertainment landscape as it has brought the lesbian community into the fold of mainstream’s consciousness – eliciting controversy, pride, empowerment and conversation.

On Sunday, January 18 at 9 PM ET/PT, THE L WORD® begins its sixth and final season on SHOWTIME. For creator, writer and executive producer Ilene Chaiken, the direction and goal of the series has always been very clearly defined to provide the lesbian community a voice and sense of place in society at large.

“We set out to tell good stories, to entertain and to aspire to the same success that anyone else hopes for who is making a primetime television show,” says Chaiken. “In that journey, we found how the show became incredibly meaningful to a great many lesbians around the country and all over the world – to be represented in popular culture, to be represented as glamorous, as sexual, as affluent, as intelligent, as educated, as interesting, as romantic, as all of the things that heterosexual people have had role models for.”

As in previous seasons, THE L WORD® revolves around the lives of a tight-knit group of women living in Los Angeles, women who are all trying to navigate and learn from where life and love takes them. In its sixth and final season, if there has been any shift in tone from previous seasons, it may be that within eight episodes, the writers were able to capture and deliver the intimacy that fans may feel reminiscent of the pilot. Chaiken acknowledges the special relationship that the show has had with its fans. “We knew we were doing a final season and that was a real gift from SHOWTIME since a lot of times you are never given that opportunity, so we really thought carefully about what we wanted to say and how we wanted to go out,” says Chaiken. “We wanted to tell a story in which there was a real sense of ‘on-goingness’ because we wanted the audience to feel that these characters will live on beyond the show. I would say the biggest difference between Season 1 and Season 6 is that in this last season, we never stopped thinking about the integral conversation that we are having with the fans of the show and the world at large. They have an impact on us and we wanted to keep reflecting that dynamic.”

Rewarding fans this season is the highly anticipated reconciliation between Bette (Jennifer Beals) and Tina (Laurel Holloman), an intense relationship that has been as turbulent and troubled as it has been loving and nurturing. “It was really important to us to get it right,” exclaims Beals. “Getting the depth of that reconnection between Bette and Tina was everything and we really wanted to honor the fans who have been so passionate about Bette and Tina and who have waited so long to see if they would get back together. For many of the show’s devotees, Bette and Tina’s relationship hit a deep emotional chord and the characters became the quintessential couple that everyone rallied around and looked up to.”

Actor Rachel Shelley, who plays Helena Peabody, understands the appeal, “It has to be Bette and Tina, their relationship with all the ups and downs, their love for each other and the undeniable chemistry between them.” she contends. “Everybody can see they are meant to be together – they really were the orbit that the rest of us all revolved around. I think in real life we look to those kinds of relationships because they make you optimistic, because when you’ve met your soul mate, you’re meant to be together and that is Bette and Tina.”

As in previous seasons, humor and drama envelops the core cast of characters. Alice (Leisha Hailey) and Tasha (Rose Rollins) test the boundaries and frailties of love; Jenny’s (Mia Kirshner) tangled web of complexities unravels which leads to her ultimate demise; Shane (Katherine Moennig) tries to change her life-long behavior of breaking hearts; Max (Daniela Sea) comes face to face with parenthood; while Kit (Pam Grier) and Helena (Rachel Shelley) forge a new friendship that transcends their business venture.

Striking a balance between the serious elements of the larger political and social storylines that the show tackles and the comedic situations can be tough. But just as much emotional investment came into play knowing that this was the final season. THE L WORD® will deliver what is bound to be one of the most memorable scenes to date – one where Alice (Leisha Hailey) heads up a dance marathon to benefit the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center. With each character teaming up with a partner to perform specific dance routines from past eras, the cast quickly discovered they had an appetite for strutting their stuff.

Hailey, as with all the cast, says the dance numbers are high on everyone’s “Top Ten List” of favorite L WORD® moments. “Alice throws a giant party where it’s a twelve-hour, stay up as long as you can, dancing competition and all of us dress up in costumes to match our routines. Soon after we started practicing in front of each other on set, all of a sudden there was all this whispering going on like, ‘Oh my God, have you seen Jennifer and Laurel? They are so good!’ The last two days before we started shooting the episode, we all became seriously competitive and it became incredibly funny.”

Rising to the challenge of learning the samba with Holloman, Beals says the rigors of daily rehearsals with the choreographer was soon outweighed by the magic of the getting the steps right and being totally in the groove. “It’s one of my most favorite episodes of the whole six years and it was nothing short of hilarious,” says Beals. “Some of these girls can really dance and I think we all started thinking about taking up dancing careers because we all loved it so much. [Series guest star] Marlee Matlin of course pulled the rug out from under us, as she’s phenomenal. It was so much fun to watch everybody practice their dances and to see how deep they got into it.”

Just as in real life, THE L WORD® has proven that art does imitate life more often than not. After six years of being together, the real life experiences of the core cast sometimes spilled over into their characters’ story arcs and vice versa with marriages, deaths, births, break-ups and falling in love all being part of the experiences.

Katherine Moennig, who plays heartthrob Shane, feels that THE L WORD® resonated with audiences because of the closeness that developed between the cast members, who many times lived next door to each other. “The chemistry that fans picked up on between these characters is reflective of our relationships off-set because we became really close friends,” she says. “That camaraderie isn’t fake and it transferred onto the screen. What’s cool is that our friendships happened very organically – six months of the year we were on location in Vancouver, so we really depended on each other a lot as we didn’t have family and friends from home around.”

THE L WORD® is undoubtedly a history-making endeavor that has broken down barriers and put another few thousand cracks in the glass ceiling. Chaiken shares her feelings on being behind the helm of one of television’s most successful shows. “This show has been a huge piece of me because it consumes your life, but THE L WORD® has been more meaningful than it might have otherwise been because of the numbers of people who have come to us to tell us that the show has made a positive difference in their lives. It’s been a big job, a consuming job, an exhausting job but it’s also been the most gratifying experience that a writer or creator could ever want.”

Pam Grier who plays Kit Porter, Bette’s half-sister, feels that it’s been very humbling and special to be part of something that is much bigger and broader than just another television show. “I think all of us feel so honored to have been a part of something that will go on and continue to influence generations and is recognized as a pop culture icon,” Grier says. “THE L WORD® really is an exploration of relationships and it hopefully opened people’s hearts and eyes up to what really matters in life and that is the way you love someone unconditionally and in turn are loved for yourself. I have learned so much from being involved in this show and I’ve met friends for life – I am so much better informed than I was when I came on to do the pilot so it’s had a huge impact on me personally, as well as professionally.”

Rose Lam, executive producer for THE L WORD’s® whole six-year run, says it’s those Sunday night “L WORD® parties” and conversations around the dinner table that she finds the most rewarding part of the journey. “I’m so thankful that I’ve been involved in a show that has brought people together,” says Lam. “Whether it’s my husband and I talking to our young sons at dinner about what does ‘gay’ mean or all those fans [gay and straight] that get together on Sundays to watch the show. THE L WORD® has provided a platform for dialogue and that’s incredibly exciting.”

Just as THE L WORD® tackled serious issues such as breast cancer, the Army’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy and transgender surgery, the show also hit a huge note in the fashion world. By the second season, THE L WORD® became synonymous with the term “Lesbian Chic.” Costumer designer Cynthia Summers feels that the series tore down old stereotypes and exposed the fashion world to a new and affluent consumer, as well as offering style tips to a new generation of lesbians. “It’s so great and unique when you get to work on a long-running series because you get the time to offer different things to audiences. Obviously there are political/cultural reasons why some people watch the show, then there are others that love the humor and drama of our characters and other viewers want to see what the girls are wearing this week.”

As the characters evolved and matured, so did their fashion sense and, as Summers explains with some characters, fashion became an integral part of self-expression and empowerment. “I think in Season 2 we started to challenge the way lesbians think they should look or a need to look a certain way to be identified as a lesbian,” she reveals. “We brought all of those views to the table and said ‘Okay, let’s take this and run with it.’ Instead of dressing Bette as the stereotype butch professional, we thought of showcasing other possibilities because there’s a whole world out there of professional lesbians that are dressed to the nines. First of all, Bette is a woman and why not bring in some masculine and feminine aspects into the way she dresses? So Jennifer Beals’ character gave the ‘power suit’ a whole new meaning.”

Beals says that there is at least one piece of wardrobe that holds special nostalgia for her: “The white suit from the pilot will always live in my memory. “That suit was the first send off to Bette’s suit-land and those wonderful cufflinks will stay dear to my heart. All the clothes were really gorgeous, but that suit really was a defining look.”

However bitter sweet the cast may feel about wrapping up six years together, there is one thing they are eagerly looking forward to and that is buying up all the pieces of wardrobe that they’ve had their eyes on all season. “Oh my God, the clothes!” gushes Grier. “At the end of every season, we all make a beeline to Cynthia’s office to see what we can buy up so one way or the other, my character, Kit, is always with me and she’s had some wild outfits over the years!”

When the pink curtain finally closes on one of television’s most groundbreaking series, one that permeated America’s cultural narrative, Holloman sums up the sentiments of all those who felt privileged to be part of this extraordinary experience. “I get blown away when I think of how far this show has gone around the world, how many people have been affected by the stories we’ve told. THE L WORD® has been my life for six years and the ‘L’ word means a lot of things for different people, but for me it’s LOVE – it has always been and will always continue to be about love!”

Spoiler Alert!

Ilene Chaiken and Showtime spoil their own show

'L Word' is killing 1 of its major characters (Spoiler Alert)

lNEW YORK – Dead is the word when "The L Word" returns.

Showtime's drama about a circle of lesbian friends and lovers is going to kill off one of its major characters on the premiere of its sixth — and final — season.

The victim is Jenny Schecter, Showtime has disclosed. Jenny, a would-be writer and accomplished two-timer, has long been embraced by fans as the character they most love to hate.

The episode, which airs January 18, begins with a splash as Jenny's body is discovered in a swimming pool. Accident, or murder — and whodunit? Viewers will have to wait for those answers.

Meanwhile, she won't be absent from the show: The remainder of the season is heavy with flashbacks of Jenny (played by Mia Kirshner) in the swim with her enemies and pals.


When Showtime's series The L Word returns for its sixth (and final) season, one of its major characters will bite the big one.

Straight, then gay, Jenny Schecter (actress Mia Kirshner) -- who found herself as a writer and became one of the most annoying characters on cable -- will be found dead in a swimming pool when the series returns on January 18.

The producers aren't saying whether it was homicide, accident, or suicide. We're guessing Norma Desmond is not responsible.

But y'never know.
'The L Word': Someone dies. Welcome to season 6

Don't worry, it's not Dawn Dembo or her lover Cindi. Quit clutching your pearls, I know you were terrified. After the jump, the unlucky lady who gets to start off The L Word's sixth and final season face-down in a swimming pool...

You can watch the first two minutes of the season 6 premiere at Showtime's website. (Hot cop! New character!) Jenny's dead, BUT! Mia Kirschner will be present throughout the season via flashbacks. Buzzkill?

Many EW staffers seem psyched that sinister, mangy weep puppy Jenny will get what's been comin' to her, probably since that time she thought she could be a waitress for like a day in season 2. (She was an even worse waitress than I was, and I once spilled a Diet Coke on a baby.) Does anyone else appreciate Jenny? I mean, I'd never want to go anywhere near her, but I'm glad she's a TV character because she's such a laughable mess and has huge green eyes. Your loyal PopWatch recapper Nicholas Fonseca and I think they should have killed Kit instead. What about you?


Showtime drama announces plan to axe major character

The L Word is getting all Twin Peaks on us for its sixth and final season. Showtime has announced that the drama--centered on a group of lesbian friends and set in Los Angeles--will be killing off one of its main characters at the start of its January 18 premiere. We know who the unlucky victim is, so read no further if you're afraid of spoilers!

Okay, here's the deal: Jenny Schecter is going to die! The body of the much-maligned character (played by Mia Kirshner) will be found floating in a swimming pool during the first moments of the premiere, and how she got there is anyone's guess. Accident? Suicide? Murder? If so, who's the killer? These questions and more will be answered, but it may take all season to get to the bottom of this mystery.

Fortunately for Jenny fans, the brooding young writer will be making some calculated visits from beyond the grave. Producers have promised frequent flashback scenes of Jenny at her not-dead-yet best, and we imagine those scenes will prove instrumental in the solving of her case.

So what's your take on this strange turn of events? Are you sad to see Jenny go, or is she finally getting what she deserves? Is The L Word jumping the proverbial shark, or was this a stroke of writerly genius? Jump into the comments section and let us know!

The L Word returns to Showtime on Sunday, January 18, at 9 p.m.

hmmm check this out! When Xbox Live Avatars and The L Word Collide

Yes we've been at it again with casting The L Word in video games. You may recall our L Word in MySims article from ages back? Well with the "New Xbox Experience" released recently we wondered what the L Word cast might look like and what they'd be doing hanging out on Xbox Live.

With this in mind we've put together a full article and images of all your favorite L Word characters in Xbox Avatar form, along with a blurb about their gaming habits. You can check it out at the link below:

The L Word does Xbox Avatars.


Showtime Signs New Licensing Agreements for Hit Shows

NEW YORK, December 2: Showtime Networks has added to its roster of licensees with products for the hit series Dexter, The Tudors and The L Word.

Showtime, working with its licensing agency, 360ep, has signed deals with four companies for Dexter-branded products. Breygent Marketing will be introducing trading cards, CID Distribution will take on apparel internationally, Universe Publishing will be distributing a 2010 wall calendar and Global Prints is developing greeting cards. Global Prints will also be marketing posters and greeting cards for The Tudors and greeting cards for The L Word.

The trading cards, featuring seasons one and two, will be released in early 2009, while products from CID Distribution will be available later this year. Global Prints will introduce the greeting cards next year and the calendar will be available in late 2009. The Tudors posters are available now and The L Word greeting cards are in development.

The L Word: Season 6: Cast Commentary

credit: lhollomanfan