'L Word' is killing 1 of its major characters (Spoiler Alert)

lNEW YORK – Dead is the word when "The L Word" returns.

Showtime's drama about a circle of lesbian friends and lovers is going to kill off one of its major characters on the premiere of its sixth — and final — season.

The victim is Jenny Schecter, Showtime has disclosed. Jenny, a would-be writer and accomplished two-timer, has long been embraced by fans as the character they most love to hate.

The episode, which airs January 18, begins with a splash as Jenny's body is discovered in a swimming pool. Accident, or murder — and whodunit? Viewers will have to wait for those answers.

Meanwhile, she won't be absent from the show: The remainder of the season is heavy with flashbacks of Jenny (played by Mia Kirshner) in the swim with her enemies and pals.

source: news.yahoo.com

When Showtime's series The L Word returns for its sixth (and final) season, one of its major characters will bite the big one.

Straight, then gay, Jenny Schecter (actress Mia Kirshner) -- who found herself as a writer and became one of the most annoying characters on cable -- will be found dead in a swimming pool when the series returns on January 18.

The producers aren't saying whether it was homicide, accident, or suicide. We're guessing Norma Desmond is not responsible.

But y'never know.
'The L Word': Someone dies. Welcome to season 6

Don't worry, it's not Dawn Dembo or her lover Cindi. Quit clutching your pearls, I know you were terrified. After the jump, the unlucky lady who gets to start off The L Word's sixth and final season face-down in a swimming pool...

You can watch the first two minutes of the season 6 premiere at Showtime's website. (Hot cop! New character!) Jenny's dead, BUT! Mia Kirschner will be present throughout the season via flashbacks. Buzzkill?

Many EW staffers seem psyched that sinister, mangy weep puppy Jenny will get what's been comin' to her, probably since that time she thought she could be a waitress for like a day in season 2. (She was an even worse waitress than I was, and I once spilled a Diet Coke on a baby.) Does anyone else appreciate Jenny? I mean, I'd never want to go anywhere near her, but I'm glad she's a TV character because she's such a laughable mess and has huge green eyes. Your loyal PopWatch recapper Nicholas Fonseca and I think they should have killed Kit instead. What about you?


Showtime drama announces plan to axe major character

The L Word is getting all Twin Peaks on us for its sixth and final season. Showtime has announced that the drama--centered on a group of lesbian friends and set in Los Angeles--will be killing off one of its main characters at the start of its January 18 premiere. We know who the unlucky victim is, so read no further if you're afraid of spoilers!

Okay, here's the deal: Jenny Schecter is going to die! The body of the much-maligned character (played by Mia Kirshner) will be found floating in a swimming pool during the first moments of the premiere, and how she got there is anyone's guess. Accident? Suicide? Murder? If so, who's the killer? These questions and more will be answered, but it may take all season to get to the bottom of this mystery.

Fortunately for Jenny fans, the brooding young writer will be making some calculated visits from beyond the grave. Producers have promised frequent flashback scenes of Jenny at her not-dead-yet best, and we imagine those scenes will prove instrumental in the solving of her case.

So what's your take on this strange turn of events? Are you sad to see Jenny go, or is she finally getting what she deserves? Is The L Word jumping the proverbial shark, or was this a stroke of writerly genius? Jump into the comments section and let us know!

The L Word returns to Showtime on Sunday, January 18, at 9 p.m.

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