512 - "Loyal and True"

Shane and Molly share a passionate morning before meeting Molly's mother, Phyllis and Joyce for breakfast. Helena Peabody returns to Los Angeles to visit her mother in the hospital and is gifted with her family's wealth once again. Once hearing of Kit's loss of The Planet while she was away, Helena brings a mighty tempting proposition to SheBar owner Cindi, which is hard to resist. Lez Girls is finally finished as everyone arrives in all the glitz and glamour to the film's celebration wrap party.

Directed By: Ilene Chaiken
Written By: Ilene Chaiken
Special Guest Star: Cybill Shepherd
Guest Stars: Holland Taylor, Jane Lynch, Alicia Leigh Willis, Patricia Velásquez, Melanie Lynskey, Clementine Ford, Kate French, Elizabeth Keener, Wendy Glenn, Angela Gots, Wallace Shawn, Malaya Rivera Drew

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clip 1 - Might Be in Trouble
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clip 2 - Not Worthy
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Anonymous said...

Love The L Word..................

Béné said...

Clip 1 "Might be in trouble" doesn't seem to work -when I download it, I get the "Not worthy" scene, and the YouTube link says "The URL contained a malformed video ID"


didie211 said...


try again i can view not worthy promo changed the link for might be in trouble sorry about that.

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