Season 6, episode 4: "Leaving Los Angeles"

Shane and Jenny are still melting over each other; Bette and Tina go to Nevada to meet a potential birth mother; Max is trying to deal with being pregnant; Alice and Tasha play matchmaker; and Kelly Wentworth may have what Bette needs.

604 Preview

604 Promo 1 - true to your passion

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604 promo 2 - being pregnant

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful collection of amazing L Word stuff! YEAH!!! Thanks!

joana said...

I never left any comment before and I'm sorry that the first thing I write is a kind of "demand" but I will take this chance to congratulate you for this wonderful little piece of L word heaven =) thank you!
but I would realy like to know why there aren't no links to download ep604.. I'm from Portugal so the only way I have to see the show now is thru here, every monday afternoon when I come home!

did something happen? snif..

thank you again!

didie211 said...


please email me, thanks :)