506 - "Lights! Camera! Action!"

The production of "Lez Girls" finally begins and director Jenny deals with all the usual headaches of filmmaking — including a recalcitrant star and lover, Niki; Bette and Tina struggle with their rekindled feelings; the owners of SheBar take their war against the gang to the next level.

Directed By: Ilene Chaiken
Written By: Ilene Chaiken
Special Guest Star: Cybill Shepherd
Guest Stars: Malaya Rivera Drew, Jane Lynch, Alicia Leigh Willis, Clementine Ford, Kate French, Elizabeth Keener, Wendy Glenn, Angela Gots, Wallace Shawn

506 Preview (credit shades) youtube | wmv

clip 1 - I Trust You ( Tasha and Alice have parting words.)
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clip 2 - Doest't Compare (Bette considers her relationship with Jodi.)
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Note: please rename the files after you download it's 506 not 505. Sorry spineyes.gif

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Tibetter81 said...

Hi everybody. I love the l word. I just wanted to know if someone could help me find the title of one song from episode 5x06. The song is played on a Tibette love scene and in the USA version the song is "Love and affection" by Joan Armatrading. They have changed the song for the european version of the episode so i don't know anything about that song, i only know some lyrics,which goes like this: "....alone in love, i want you when you hurt me the most...alone in love, i need you when you push me the most..." it's a wonderful song!!! Please somebody help me!!! :D