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Slip into pieces from the exclusive "L'ements of Style Collection designed by Laura Dahl for Showtime. You'll look gorgeous in these exclusive, limited, edition garments. Channel your favorite character and hold onto a piece of history. They're sure to make you weekly drama addition easier to kick. Original tags included.

check out the official press release here.

Bringing to life the style and flavor of the popular SHOWTIME original series, The L Word®, the network is partnering with a group of top designers to create a collection of limited edition apparel and accessories inspired by the hip and sexy look of the popular drama. The announcement was made by Len Fogge, Executive Vice President, Creative, Marketing, Research & Digital Media for Showtime Networks.

The collection, The “L”ements of Style, will be available from January 3 to February 28 and consists of:
Contemporary sportswear from Laura Dahl: Laura Dahl offers an exquisite selection of wearable couture, structured for those who appreciate the artistry of attitude with a fashion-forward focus. Cutting-edge American designs with a European sophistication, each distinctive Laura Dahl original is made with passion to carefully showcase the individual spirit which glamour girls just can’t resist.
The collection will be available at select retailers including Atrium (NYC), Fred Segal (LA), Brown Eyed Girl (San Francisco and Marin, CA,) Duets (Nashville), Ultimo (Chicago), Scout and Molly’s (Raleigh and Chapel Hill, NC), Mitzi & Romano (Atlanta), Lulu (Miami).

The “L”ements of Style collection will also be available at where an unprecedented virtual fashion show allows visitors to “try on” every item of clothing and accessory in the collection. Viewers
can choose the shirt, jeans and accessory they want and watch the characters walk the runway modeling their selections.
“My inspiration for The “L”ements of Style comes from this amazing show that has had such a profound influence on the community,” said Laura Dahl. The L Word®” truly speaks to all women, with the many challenges they all face in life today. The strength and depth of the women on this show was the great inspiration behind each of the styles designed. Ilene Chaiken has truly developed rich characters that all share a passion for style, taste and class,” she concluded.
A minimum of 10% of sales from the collection will be donated to charity. In addition, select pieces will be sold as numbered limited editions with 100% of profits being donated to two of the leading organizations involved with the fight against breast cancer, The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation.
Showtime will be promoting these products in a variety of ways, including a nationwide On Demand sweepstakes, a fan “Design-your-own T-shirt contest,” auctions at The L Word® events, as well as traditional television and newspaper promotion.
About Laura Dahl
Laura Dahl has taken wearable couture in a totally new direction featuring semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystals and other unexpected details. Each piece represents the union between two important fashion trends: One-of-a kind-design and luxurious indulgence. Her creations are wearable and transformable, giving each woman the tools to create her own personal style.

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The 10 Best Wives On TV

Tina Kennard (Laurel Holloman, The L Word): This may be a teensy bit of a controversial choice, but Tina deserves a second look. Fine, she gets into some shady territories but she always does the right thing in the end. OK, her relationship with Bette Porter is somewhat codependent, but by the end of every season they wind up back where they belong: with each other.

TLW Season 6 Final Episode and Intro and Followup with Jennifer, Laurel and Leisha

Looking Back

An interview with Ilene Chaiken 'L Word' creator dishes on the show after its final episode

By AMY CAVANAUGH, Washington Blade | Mar 9, 12:20 PM "The L Word," a television show about the lives and loves of a group of lesbians in Los Angeles, ended its six-season run on Showtime last night. Ilene Chaiken, the creator, writer and executive producer of the show, chatted with the Blade this morning about how the show got started, the finale and what die-hard fans may be able to look forward to in the future.

Washington Blade: Where did you get the idea for the show?

Ilene Chaiken: It came from my wanting to tell some of my stories for a change, stories that came from my looking around at my life and my friends and people I knew. Our stories were unrepresented in popular culture and I think they're good stories that deserve to be told.

Washington Blade: How did you get Showtime to approve it at the beginning?

IC: They didn't approve it at the beginning. I had been working for Showtime on other projects, and had written a movie for Showtime that had some gay themes. It was about the work of Robert Mapplethorpe, the photographer… Showtime didn't shy away from our stories and our issues in the way that other mainstream broadcasters did.

I brought it to the executives at the vice president level … back in 2000 and they said that this just isn't going to happen here. A prime time, nighttime drama about the lives of lesbians — no, I just don't think we can sell that to the guy in the corner office. So I went away, and I wasn't surprised but was testing the waters.

I decided to leave it be, and a year later Showtime picked up an English television show called "Queer as Folk." They bought the format and remade it as an American show, and it was a success for them. So I went back and said, “You've got the boys, what about the girls?” They said, “Yes, you're right, we should do your show.”

Blade: How much, if any, backlash was there at the beginning?

IC: There wasn't political backlash and the right wing backlash we were used to seeing didn't happen. My theory was that this was premium cable and not on their radar, so they didn't notice. The backlash I got at the beginning was from lesbians, who said that it didn't represent their lives, and that the lesbians on “The L Word” were too pretty, too glamorous, too affluent, and that it wasn't telling the story of their lives.

My response was that this was a TV show, firstly, and … most television is glamorized … My secondary response was that we're just getting started telling the stories about people I know, and that the representation is not far off from reality. It's slightly elevated, but here in L.A. I know a group of women who are quite like the characters portrayed on the show. If the show is a success, if you enjoy it over the course of time, we'll get to represent a lot more women, and indeed that's the case. We've broadened the scope of representation over the six years on the air.

Blade: What were some of the issues and topics you wanted to address? Did you meet them all?

IC: There were not issues and topics that I wanted to address. I just wanted to tell good stories and tell the stories of our lives, make them entertaining and tell them with depth and detail. If there were issues we talked about on the show, they were the issues of our lives and the issues that touched our lives.

Blade: Season six seemed to be modeled on "Sunset Boulevard" and season five on "All About Eve." What was the reason for this?

IC: I've read that [it was modeled on “Sunset Boulevard”] and it never occurred to me. “Sunset Boulevard” is probably in my blood, and as an avid student of cinema history, I'm sure that it was in me.

But there are other stories I've told on “The L Word,” like “All About Eve,” which we did boldly and unashamedly. Love me or hate me, that's what we took on. But I never said let's do “Sunset Boulevard,” and it never occurred to me that Jenny is found in a swimming pool. It just happened, and I guess my point is that this story grew organically out of the character's stories that we had been telling these six years. It wasn't just another riff on an old, great Hollywood convention.

Blade: Why did you leave so many unresolved plotlines — Jenny's death, the situation with Max's baby, Helena and Dylan's relationship?

IC: Those are not unresolved plotlines. I was not interested in wrapping up the show neatly and tidily. I wanted to end with a sense that life goes on. It would have been much more false to have resolved everything, to conveniently have Max have his baby before the series ended. This is just a day in the life, and life goes on. Who knows if we'll revisit [these characters] in fiction or reinvent them on TV or in a movie, hopefully we will. I simply thought that the appropriate thing to do was to tell a story that had some satisfying conclusions and said many of the things we wanted to say, but not [where the stories were ended].

Blade: Do you have any regrets with various plotlines over the seasons?

IC: I don't believe in that. Sure there are things that we could have done better. Some stories were successful and some less successful, but you don't get any do-overs. I just stand by the stories we told, and the most important thing I can say is that we did our very best. We were always trying to do our best and tell good stories to be true to the characters and entertain the audience.

Blade: A spin-off series is in the works. Can you talk about that?

IC: Alice is the character from “The L Word” who takes us into the spin-off and her participation qualifies it as a spin-off. It's called “The Farm,” and the status is that we made a pilot for Showtime and delivered it to them. They are going through the process that networks go through in deciding what to air. We're waiting to hear if they'll put it up. Alice is the only series regular from “The L Word,” and I hope that if the series goes forward that some of the other “L Word” stars will make guest appearances.


Tina's Interrogation Tape

Fans bid to own a piece of The L Word

Hundreds of people converged in south Vancouver yesterday for a chance to take home a piece of TV history as the set and the costumes of lesbian drama The L Word were auctioned off.

Everything from boots to paintings to a car -- and even some fetish leather -- was on offer to fans of the groundbreaking series, which for the past seven years has been shot in Vancouver.

"Seven years of sexy lesbians? You can't go wrong," said Kate Duncan, who showed off some yellow pumps that were worn by one of the show's many female stars.

Run by Able Auctions, the sales began at the show's sets at 10 a.m. Among the first to go was a 1974 Chevrolet Impala -- featured in the show's second season -- for $4100.

Newspaper racks that helped transform Vancouver into the show's locale, San Francisco, went for as little as $10.

But by far the most bizarre item on auction was this prop baby, used for four seasons as the double for a baby raised by a lesian couple on the show, little Alicia.

Alicia was played from birth by Olivia Windbell, whose mom Coreen bought the dolls.

"There was no other show that was like it," said Windbell. "That will be a sad loss."

One woman, Susan Allen, came all the way from New Orleans for the auction. Allen could point out when and where each item was used in the series.

"That's Bette and Tina's bed -- the heart and soul of The L Word," she said, pointing to one of a few beds there. "Many things have happened on that bed."

Allen said she'll miss the show.

"I'm crushed. It could have gone on forever as far as I'm concerned," she said.

The final episode of the series will air on Tuesday.

With a report from CTV British Columbia's Jon Woodward

CelebStyle Giveaway: Win The L Word Look

With the series finale this Sunday, we're getting ready to say goodbye to the lovely ladies of The L Word. After six dynamic seasons, the characters have gone through so many ups and downs, but one thing has remained constant: their amazing clothes. Sexy, daring, and always fashionable. To celebrate the ladies' amazing wardrobes, we're giving away some of the actual clothes from The L Word!

From now until Sunday, March 15, you can enter to win one of four dresses worn by one of your favorite actresses from The L Word. There's a gorgeous Gucci number worn by Marlee Matlin, a strapless Dolce and Gabbana dress seen on Malaya Rivera Drew, a Tory Burch sequined dress that shimmered on Pam Grier, and a Paul Smith swing dress, which Leisha Hailey wore. To enter, all you have to do is log in to TeamSugar (if you're not a member, register now) and add a look of your own to any post on CelebStyle (see how after the jump). You'll be entered for every look you create, so there are plenty of chances to win! Be creative and check out the official rules here.

To learn how to add a look, read more.

  1. Click into any story ("look") on
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The Last Word

'The L Word' Holds Red Rarpet Farewell Party

In a bid to give a proper goodbye to lesbian drama "" which has spanned for 6 seasons, Showtime held a farewell party at West Hollywood's Cafe La Boheme. The March 3 event was made in the package of a movie premiere, with the stars gracing the red carpet for photo sessions before going inside the venue.

Spotted in the crowd are the show's lead actresses such as Laurel Holloman, , Daniela Sea, Rose Rollins and as well as several supporting actors such as Marlee Matlin, Kate French, Janina Gavankar, John Wolfe Nelson, and . Creator and show runner Ilene Chaiken is also present along with other guest stars.

Missing from the event are the other main cast, , Leisha Hailey, Pam Grier and Rachel Shelley.

The show will wrap it up on Sunday, March 8 with the episode "Last Word" which preview can be seen here. The character Alice will then continue her journey in a spin-off which production has been kicked off in December 2008.


Photo Gallery: 'The L Word' Farewell Event

The Jenny Schecter O-BITCH-uaries

Join Jenny Schecter OBitchuaries Contest now at The L Word Wiki.

Start date - Monday, March 2,2009 @ 9.00am PDT (US)
Closing date - Sunday, March 7, 2009 @ 11.59:59pm PDT (US)

What should I do?
You have freedom of choice with the sweeps! Pick a theme and go for it! Just Do ONE (1) of the following! not 2 or 3 but just one. :)
1. Write a notice reporting the death of Jenny Schecter in 100 words or less; or
2. Write an announcement for the Jenny Schecter Memorial Service; or you can
3. Sum up Jenny's life in 100 words or less.

The Winner will Win...
There are a ton of prizes…including the actual clothes jenny dies in…morbid!
Lick here to enter the contest.

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season 6, episode 8: "Last Word"

In the final episode of the series, what starts out as a celebration of friendship quickly ends in a web of betrayal and deceit; the girls find themselves being investigated about Jenny's untimely death by Sergeant Duffy

Finale Preview

Promo 1 - Proof
Kit watches the tape of Bette and Kelly.

Promo 2 - Fallen For
Jamie admits that she has fallen in love with Tasha.

That's All Folks!

Season 6 Desktop Wallpaper

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