511 - “Lunar Cycle”

Adele shocks the producers of Lez Girls as she gathers everyone together to reveal a steamy sex tape between the film's director and leading lady. With the film's reputation at stake, she informs everyone of her blackmailing agenda. Breaking up is tough to do as Jodi returns to Bette for answers. Back at the Planet, the girls are outraged when SheBar owners Dawn Denbo and her lover Cindi announce their newest purchase.

Directed By: Bob Aschmann
Written By: Ilene Chaiken
Guest Stars: Malaya Rivera Drew, Alicia Leigh Willis, Patricia Velasquez, Melanie Lynskey, Kate French, Elizabeth Kenner, Wendy Glenn, Angela Gots

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clip 1 - We Own This Place
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clip 2 - Please come with me
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