Jennifer Beals Thrown a Curve By 'L Word' Final Season Change

Jennifer Beals reveals she was "completely" surprised to find out that the final season of her "The L Word" series has been transformed into flashbacks. She admits to this column that she's been thrown "a little off-balance by it. It seemed very different from what we had done prior, but you kind of roll with the flow. We'll see what happens."

Asked whether she likes the way her Bette Porter character's storyline has been handled, she says, "I don't know how the show has been edited. It's completely different from the way we shot it, in a way, since it's all being shown as flashbacks."

The Showtime series, returning Jan. 18, completed its production in October, and "they just recently put the trailers together," she notes. She did not learn of the change from the producers. "Somebody else told me -- Rachel," she says, referring to cast mate Rachel Shelley.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with Bondgirl. And I have to add that the writing is terrible and predictable, the acting is awful, and the characters have no self control or self respect. I don't think we in the gay community should have to tailor stories about us so that we're "acceptable" to the mainstream, but I think we could at least have a show with some lesbians who are in real, committed relationships and who are looking for more than cheap thrills. I know, I know, it's TV....

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