Director Bios

ILENE CHAIKEN (Executive Producer/Writer and director of Episode 601 “Long Night’s Journey Into Day” and Episode 608 “Last Word”)

ILENE CHAIKEN has accomplished extraordinary range and versatility throughout her career as a writer and producer working in film and television and continues to defy all boundaries. With a penchant for storytelling and a passion for her community, Chaiken has been a pioneer in the portrayal of lesbians on television. Chaiken has worked openly as a lesbian in Hollywood for more than 25 years and is internationally known as one of the creators of the groundbreaking SHOWTIME series THE L WORD®, which debuted in January 2004.

Chaiken made her directorial debut in season two’s final episode, and has continued to direct episodes of the series since.

THE L WORD® has grown into a cultural phenomenon, giving a worldwide audience of both gay and straight fans the opportunity to get a glimpse into the complex lives and relationships of a group of LGBT friends and lovers. Since the creation and subsequent success of the series, Chaiken has been recognized as one of Power Up’s “Top 10 Lesbians in Hollywood,” and as one of OUT magazine’s “100 Most Powerful Gay People in Hollywood.”

Chaiken’s other writing credits include the SHOWTIME Original Pictures “Damaged Care” and “Dirty Pictures,” which won a Golden Globe® Award for Best Television Movie in 2000. Chaiken’s feature film work includes “Barb Wire,” starring Pamela Anderson. Prior to her writing career, Chaiken was an executive for Aaron Spelling Productions and Quincy Jones Productions.

In January 2007, Chaiken and a small group of prominent women from the entertainment and technology worlds launched, a fully-featured social networking and media site on the Web for lesbians and their friends. In March 2006, THE L WORD®: Welcome to Our Planet was published by Simon & Schuster with excerpts throughout the book by Chaiken.

ROSE TROCHE (Episode 602 “Least Likely”; Episode 604 “Leaving Los Angeles” and Episode 607 “Last Couple Standing”)

ROSE TROCHE is the award-winning writer/director of “Go Fish,” “Bedrooms and Hallways” and “The Safety of Objects.” Her work in television includes the Emmy® award-winning, “Six Feet Under,” “Touching Evil,” “South of Nowhere,” and “Ugly Betty.” She is set to direct Ariel Shrag's adaptation of her autobiographical graphic novel, “Potential,” and is finishing work on her original screenplay, “Matty Tadeau's In Love,” as well as developing a series for television based on the graphic novel by acclaimed writer, Brian Wood, entitled “The New York Four.”

ANGELA ROBINSON (Episode 603 “LMFAO” and Episode 605 “Litmus Test”)

ANGELA ROBINSON first caught Hollywood's attention when her indie feature, "D.E.B.S.," premiered at the Sundance Film Festival – a film she wrote, directed and edited. "D.E.B.S." launched her career and subsequently Walt Disney Pictures approached her to direct the feature "Herbie: Fully Loaded," starring Lindsay Lohan, Michael Keaton and Matt Dillon. Upcoming projects for Robinson include “Pledged" for Paramount and "Witches" for Disney Studios. Girltrash!, a graphic novel based on her web-series of the same name will be published by Random House in May 2009.

JOHN STOCKWELL (Episode 606 “Lactose Intolerant”)

JOHN STOCKWELL has established himself as an actor, writer and director. Some of his television directing credits include “Cheaters,” “Rocky Point” and the feature films “Crazy/Beautiful,” “Blue Crush,” “Into the Blue,” “Turistas,” and most recently "Middle of Nowhere."

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