The Return Of The L Word: Sunday

by Katelyn/

The L Word's coming back on Sunday, 9pm on Showtime! This means weekly installments of nothing but gloriously bad decisions, lesbian sex both complicated and primal, stylishly coiffed men, women, and those who have yet to make up their minds, and -- possibly our favorite part--endless cups of coffee, gossip, and star guest performances at (all-purpose meeting point) The Planet.

If you haven't been watching, get thee to the video store and rent thee some Season One dvds. Some of our favorite storylines: Bette and Tina might possibly be getting back together (but only if Tina decides she wants to be a lesbian again after a hetero interlude, and only if Bette dumps the deaf artist she's dating now). Alice, an intrepid columnist for LA Weekly and webmaster for The Chart (a lesbian version of Myspace), is dating a soldier girl. Shane, androgynous, perpetually sexually-active, hairdresser Shane, had informal custody of her much younger half-brother for awhile and we all thought she might finally be growing up; probably not, though.

Predictions for Season Five: Shane will not grow up (but we will continue to love her best). Jenny will manipulate everyone and everything around her, because she has no soul. Kit, the alcoholic, will relapse... again. Betty, the show's girl rock band, will continue to weird us out. Bette and Tina will reunite (it's inevitable!). And finally, Seattlest will drink too many whiskey blood-orange sodas while we revel in someone else's stylized and sleekly produced drama. Welcome back, L Word!

PS: The Human Rights Campaign and Showtime are hosting a Season Five Premiere Party at Cinerama downtown, from 2:30 to 6pm (all-ages, but there's a 21+ after-party). You wouldn't be able to drink *during* the show, but it could be super fun to see it on the big screen.

and also The L Word, Season 5 brings sexy back (spoiler alert)

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