312 - Left Hand of The Goddess

Next on The L Word...
Left Hand of the Goddess
Sunday, March 26 at 10pm ET/PT

The girls plan for Shane and Carmen's wedding while still grieving the loss of Dana. Shane goes to Oregon to meet her estranged father. Kit finds out she's pregnant. Bette continues to consider sole custody of Angelica, with Joyce Wischnia acting as attorney-at-large. Jenny realizes that Max's quest to fit in is not what she wants..

312 Preview


She's A DJ

Alice Takes Flight

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lekker said...

thank you for clips mel and didie

mckenzie said...

thank you guys! :)
ps: everybody's talking about the SHO clip with alice talking about lara... do you think it's gonna be possible to watch it even outside of the us?

didie211 said...

i think they' talking about 'Alice Takes Flight' preview.

mckenzie said...

do you? ok thanx :)

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Anonymous said...

I think having Dana die was a stupid plot because she was a major important character to anyone that is a breast cancer survivor. Someone needs to clue the female writers of this ground-breaking show that it would have been a much much stronger statement in a much much stronger plot line, to have Dana be a survivor and spokeswoman for surviving. It gives women hope. Not having Shane and Carmen get married was really cruel. Can't there be happy people on this show? Especially since it is possible for someone like Shane to change and committ..The scene at the waterfall when Shane asks Carmen was so poignant and real; why couldn't the writers let it be? And Bette and Tina breaking up over a guy? What's that about? I thought this was a show about lesbians..The writers would do better to take the guys off the show, and let the lesbian community have this ONE show without that. Just my opinion. Anybody else feel this way?

Anonymous said...

I'm okay with Shane and Carmen not getting married. In fact, I thought that was the only brilliant spot of the season. That's just Shane. Just think if Shane did settle down, all of her "hot persuits" of good looking chicks and hot sex scenes would be gone! However, I think someone should get married on the show and Lara and Alice come to mind.

Is Carmen not coming back for season 4?