404 - Layup

In episode 404, Jodi's controversial art upsets a potential donor for the college. Papi challenges Alice to a basketball game. Max reveals a secret to his girlfriend, and Jenny's book gets bad reviews in the press. Meanwhile, Shane is struggling to scrape up money for a hospital bill.

Writer: Elizabeth Ziff
Director: Jessica Sharzer

Game On Sunday avi | wmv
Angus and the Babysitter avi | wmv
credit: Mel

404 preview avi | wmv
credit: Titan (thanks Mel)

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ㄚ珍 said...

這ep4x04的預告,以及幾個extra promo的片段,是否遺忘了誰????IC不會對Laurel偏差那麼大吧!!!實在令人傷感附帶看不下去!!