The L Word: Season 5 Coming in 2008

[+] click here to download avi version (thanks Mel:)
[+] click here to download flv version

Season 5 Promo song
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Anonymous said...

thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG!!OMG!!OMG!!!January it's too long I can't wait!!!!
Laurel Holloman was so gorgious with a long hair, and Jennifer Beals always the same, great and amazing woman

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! yes i've been waiting for other season of the L word but yeah january is to long owell i can wait it would be better is CARMEN comes back. Thank you

Ms. Scorpia said...

You can watch a sneak peek edited version of Season 5 Episode 1 here

Hope you can watch, some people were having trouble. I had no problems opening up in IE 7