The L Access

Oh lalala... and Happy Birthday Jennifer Beals!

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credit: shades


Béné said...

Awwwww! I LOVE you :D I was looking for this vid. Great quality.

Gotta love the Shane/Bette and Shane/Tina scenes LOL HAWWWWT.
Is this actually gonna be in an episode, or was it just for fun?

didie211 said...

Thanks to shades, she captured it.

LOL, I'm not sure about the scenes, just a few more days left till season 5.

Béné said...

OK, so Shades I-LOVE-YOU (hehe)

I can't wait till season 5 :D
LOOOOOOTS & LOOOOOTS O' SEX they said *woo-hoo* AHAH!

Anonymous said...

Bette + Shane
Shane + Tina
Bette + Helena

Anonymous said...

HI everyone
Just a few words, I cannot wait either, just keep imagining who what when where ! Anyway it sounds as great as life is...
My love to everyone and happy New Year ! Cheers
Charlye Laksmi