508 clips

Tina 1 | Tina 2

Jobette Scene

Tibette Scene | Tibette Scene II

Dinner Scene | Dinner Scene II

click her to read the shooting script. click her for more clips.

Download link

you can download flv version here, thanks to wowone and i'm still uploading avi version. Will post it sometime today, this afternoon, tonight or whatever timezone you' at.

Episode 508 download links. 450MB

Part i | Part II | Part III

Note: In order to watch, you have to download all three parts and then right click and extract the files.


Anonymous said...

didie, you're amazing xoxoxoxox

Anonymous said...

Didie, thanks for the links but, apparently, the Tibette scenes are 'unavailable'.

Do you know why?

I'm a fan from Brazil and would love to see these scenes.

Many thanks - again!

Anonymous said...

Sorry - not Tibette.. the dinner scenes are the ones unavailable.


ohmie said...

wow.. thank you very much. much appreciated :D

Anonymous said...

BTW the flv version doesn't seem to be playing properly on my computer. Only the audio works. I don't know if it's just me or not. I've seen it already, but just warning everyone else who's downloading.

wow said...

direct link to 0508 player: