'L Word' creator talks final season

By Neil Wilkes

After five years on the air, quirky lesbian drama The L Word is coming to a close. What's in store for the girls in their farewell season? Will Paris Hilton be making a surprise cameo? And is the show really ending for good? Show creator Ilene Chaiken tells us more.

When you launched the show, what were your aspirations?
"I didn't for a moment let myself think about how long it could run for. I tried to avoid those kinds of fantasies, I have a little superstition about them. I believed that if I did my job well, this would be a show that would reach a large audience - not just a gay audience - and could engage people for a long time."

Was it hard getting the show picked up in the first place?
"Yes and no. When I first pitched it to Showtime back in 2000, I knew they were going to turn me down. The mid-level executives I pitched it to didn't even take it to their bosses. They said 'this is great, but it's just never going to happen'. A year later, everything had changed and I went back again to Showtime and I knew they were going to say yes. I knew that it was time and they were the right place. It was as easy as that."

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The L Word S4 is out now on DVD in the UK, so Joanne Oatts caught up with the show's writer Ilene Chaiken about the glamourous US lesbian drama.
Listen to the extended interview here or download.

source: GaydarNation

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