Showtime to create "L Word" spinoff. Which character would you like to see live on?

by Alley Hector,

In a lesbian drama swirling with mystery, Showtime has announced that original creator Ilene Chaiken will be creating an L Word spinoff directly after completing the upcoming sixth and final season.

The as-yet-unnamed show will star one of The L Word's current characters, though neither audiences nor the actress herself knows. Even more cryptically, the new show is to pick up where the Word's open-ended finale leaves off.

Showtime may or may not pick up the new series, so it could end up an Internet-only event. But isn't that how all the lesbians currently watch the show anyway? (I mean, what lesbians can afford Showtime?)

Because Elizabeth Berkley will join the cast for a multi-episode story arc this year as a college friend of Jennifer Beals' Bette Porter, rumors have swirled that it will be Beals that the show continues with. [Read more]

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