Pam Grier Ready to "Drop More Seeds of Tolerance"

As The L Word's sixth and final season draws closer -- it begins January 18 on Showtime -- Pam Grier is reflective about her time with the show.

"England, the Netherlands, Australia, and New Zealand, so many countries are starting to see The L Word," she tells the Chattanooga Times Free Press. "I'm happy to be a part of that historical significance."

Grier, along with costar Jennifer Beals, was one of the most recognizable faces on The L Word when it premiered in 2004. The former star of cult favorites Foxy Brown and Coffy, Grier stepped into unchartered territory with The L Word, a drama about glamorous lesbians in Los Angeles. Grier plays Kit Porter, the heterosexual sister of Beals's gay character. Grier says she's proud of the groundbreaking program, even though she endured "quite hostile" e-mails for being part of a gay-themed show.

"In the black community -- I can't really say 'black community' anymore because it's so fragmented -- there's some taboo on homosexuality," she tells the newspaper. "It might come from the church; I don't know. I would like to see more acceptance, of course. If people watch The L Word because of me, if I'm the impetus of that, then I'm glad. You never know what influence you have." She added that she hopes to "drop more seeds of tolerance, loving, caring, and understanding."


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