Review: 'The L Word' who is 'Least Likely' to be happy?

By Jennifer Thomas

Spoilers ahead if you haven't seen the second episode of this season's "The L Word.") If Season 6 of "The L Word" was part of the Chinese New Year, it might be the year of the psycho. Since Jenny (Mia Kirshner) will die this season, various characters are being set up as potential suspects. (And it's not being done in a very subtle way -- get used to hearing the phrase "I hate Jenny" or "I could kill Jenny" a lot this season.) In "Least Likely," the No. 1 suspect is definitely Niki (Kate French), although that seems a little obvious.

It's interesting how everything is coming back to the first season in the series' last season, with Jenny now playing the Marina role -- she's the older, wiser, woman taking advantage of a younger, unstable girl. Did anyone else find it hard not to laugh when Niki threw her "I hate Jenny" tantrum on the balcony? All she needed was to be twirling a mustache next to a woman tied to some railroad tracks for her to be the perfect silent movie villain. [read more]

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