Leisha Hailey: Is Alice The Killer on 'The L Word'?

By Christina Radish

Ever since The L Word entered homes across the country six years ago, the Showtime drama series has affected the lives of legions of fans. The groundbreaking series has become a pop culture phenomenon, as it brought the lesbian community into the mainstream consciousness, and elicited controversy, pride, empowerment and conversation.

Now in its final season, the direction and goal of the series has always been very cle arly defined to provide the lesbian community a voice and sense of place in society at large. Revolving around the lives of a tight-knit group of women living in Los Angeles, who are all trying to navigate and learn from where life and love takes them, the show’s last eight episodes also center around the ultimate demise of Jenny Schecter (Mia Kirshner) and her tangled web that could leave anyone responsible.

Actor/singer Leisha Hailey has spent the last six seasons playing Alice Pieszecki, a journalist and the show’s only self-proclaimed bisexual. The 37-year-old Hailey, who has filmed a spin-off pilot that will hopefully be picked up after The L Word is finished, recently spoke to MediaBlvd Magazine about how the tension in Alice’s relationship with Tasha (Rose Rollins) and frustration with Jenny could make her the killer.

MediaBlvd Magazine> What do you love about Alice?

Leisha Hailey> Oh gosh, so many things. I think she’s so outspoken and honest and, although she puts her foot in her mouth many times, it’s that thing that I wish I had where I’m just off the cuff constantly, and just witty and gregarious. I just love her. She’s just a big light, and I hope that I learned some things from her that I can take into my own life.

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