Answer from Kate and Clementine Part 1 (Question Anyone?)

by Ilene

We're in the final days of filming Season 5--on location in Los Angeles in fact. It's hard to believe we're still rolling when we're just two months away from the premiere! Despite the non-stop schedule everyone was in fantastic spirits when we showed up with our cameras and your questions. In fact, I think everyone had a little too much fun responding to your queries. More than a few times I had an anxious AD (Assistant Director) hovering in the production office, trying to corral our podcast participants back to set. To make matters worse, we not only stole the usual suspects away, but some of the new Season 5 talent as well--to be our interviewers. We thought our podcast series would be a great way to introduce you to these new Season 5 faces and bring them up to speed on the behind-the-scenes gossip at the same time. (There's probably some significance to the pairings too, but you might have to wait for Season 5 to get the full story...unless someone slips up.) [Read more]

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